BSD Applications

Applications database for BSD Unix

  The database we have created for the BSD community contains applications developed and deployed for any Unix variant, but might/will run under compatibility mode or natively on a BSD machine. The purpose of the database is to have a central source of available applications for any BSD variant. We hope this will help to promote the use of BSD Unix in general.

The database can be used for two purposes: search for applications and see if they run under one of the BSD variants, or search for applications that have been reported to run under a particular BSD variant.

But who is maintaining this: YOU!

We have created an open, web-enabled database where anybody is allowed to insert information. This can be a new application (yes, sales persons, you may do that), installation instructions for a particular BSD variant or additional installation notes.
Enter a new application + installation instruction  
  Adding a new application to the database, including installation instructions for a specific platform, is a two step procedure. First, enter the application specific fields in the insert form. These fields are BSD platform independent and give specific information about the application itself. After these fields are entered press the Insert button.

Second, on the next page you see a heading with 'BSD Versions supported'. Press the New button underneath that and enter the BSD platform specific installation information. The notes field is limited to 250 characters, so use the installation URL to link this information to a web-page containing the full installation instructions.

Here is an example!
Search for applications  
  When you search for a particular application you are allowed to enter new applications, new application instructions or new additional notes.

An installation instruction will contain the so-called 'Daemon Rating': '0' means 'It does not work' and '5' means 'It runs stable'. If you have comments on the Daemon Rating somebody has given to an installation instruction, add an additional note yourself to the instruction. This will enable others to evaluate the usability of the application on the given platform.
Search for a platform  
  This is a search-only application: you can search for BSD-variant, architecture and application category to find out which applications run on your favorite BSD variant. This search engine will use the same database, so new entries will be visible immediately.